Quote for Today: Thomas Pynchon

The City on Fire © sargeraas with CCLicense
The City on Fire © Sargeraas with CCLicense

“If the City Paranoiac dreams, it is not accessible to us. Perhaps the Ci-ty dreamed of an-other, en-emy city, float-ing across the sea to invade the es-tuary . . . or of waves of darkness . . . waves of fire . . . Perhaps of being swallowed again, by the immense, the si-lent Mother Con-tinent? It’s none of my business, city dreams. . .  But what if the Ci-ty were a growing neo-plasm, across the centuries, always chang-ing to meet exactly the chang-ing shape of its very worst, se-cret fears?”

― Gwenhidwy, Thomas PynchonGravity’s Rainbow

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