Quote for Today: Terry Pratchett

© TORLEY with CCLicense
© TORLEY with CCLicense

Veil, you see, if I vas to say something portentous like “zer dark eyes of zer mind” back home in Uberwald, zer would be a sudden crash of thunder,’ said Otto. ‘And if I vas to point at a castle on a towering crag and say “Yonder is . . . zer castle” a volf would be bound to howl mournfully.’ He sighed. ‘In zer old country, zer scenery is psychotropic and knows vot is expected of it. Here, alas, people just look at you in a funny vay.
― the vampire photographer Otto, Terry PratchettThe Truth

Synkroniciti is fond of Terry Pratchett, we have quoted him here and here.

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