Quote for Today: Robert E. Dunn


There is a little furnace within every heart that burns pain. It is formed by a masonry of scars as tick by tick the tireless mechanics of life strip the innocence bestowed upon us at birth. There are some in whom life builds the furnace small and controllable, a passionate heat to burn off the losses, the harsh words and petty disappointments, leaving us cleaner for it. There are others. There are those whose innocence is assaulted early and with such brutality, that it goes beyond all the boundaries of deities and angels to stray into the world of unfettered evil. They build their furnaces differently.
Robert E. Dunn, The Red Highway

Public Domain Image via Pixabay

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    • katmcdaniel Reply

      Hi, Michael! Hope you are well. The scary thing is to realize that with a slight variation it could have been you or me. Sometimes I can see the other side.

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