Quote for Today: Ray B. Browne

© Cuidadano Poeta with CCLicense
© Cuidadano Poeta with CCLicense

An even more pointed example of the the power of the silence tabu in libraries occurred in Duluth in 1981. The police were pursuing a fugitive from justice who ran into the public library. Uniformed police surrounded the building, and the library director was notified that only unobtrusive plainclothesmen were entering the building. Their instructions: “When you find him, overpower him. Quietly.” It was done, and only a few people in the crowded building saw a handcuffed man being ushered past the checkout counter. “See,” one librarian remarked quietly to an amazed person, “that’s what happens when you don’t pay your book fines.”

Ray B. BrowneForbidden Fruits: Taboos and Tabooism in Culture

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