Quote for Today: Julie Andrews


Early one beautiful summer evening, when everyone else was drinking indoors, Tony and I walked down to the river. We lay on the grass under a tree and chatted. At one point, Tony said, “Look at the pattern of lace the leaves make against the sky.” I looked at the canopy above us, and suddenly saw what he saw. My perspective completely shifted. I realized I didn’t have his “eyes” — though once he pointed it out, it became obvious. It made me think, “My God, I never look enough,” and in the years since, I’ve tried very hard to look —
and look again.
Julie Andrews, Home: A Memoir of My Early Years

Image: Skylight © Katherine McDaniel, 2017

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  1. Morgan Reply

    Thats Wonderful 🙂
    (*^‿^*) TYSM on this `♥´ThankfulThursday `♥´for ALL You share to Inspire. (*^‿^*)

    • katmcdaniel Reply

      Thank you, Morgan!! I am so glad to be here. Have a fantastic day.

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