Quote for Today: Isobelle Carmody

Ta Phrom Temple, Angkor, Cambodia © Diego Delso with CCLicense
Ta Prohm Temple, Angkor, Cambodia
© Diego Delso with CCLicense

You have to be careful of the cracks. Sometimes they are disguised as something else. A doorway, or a smile or even a winking eye. And if you fall through them, you never know where you will end up.

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2 thoughts on “Quote for Today: Isobelle Carmody

  1. authormbeyer Reply

    I easily fall through the cracks when the cracks are really laugh lines. They crack me up and give age and wisdom that needed upward curl of the lip. OK, I know… mixed metaphors. I’m sure it’s probably a sign of senility… or organic brain syndrome.

    • katmcdaniel Reply

      I have fallen through the cracks before, and most of the time it’s far more interesting than coloring inside the lines! How’s that for a mixed metaphor? 😉

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