Quote for Today: Emmi Itäranta

© ForestWander Nature Photography with CCLicense

Water is the most versatile of all elements. It isn’t afraid to burn in fire or fade into the sky, it doesn’t hesitate to shatter against sharp rocks in rainfall or drown into the dark shroud of the earth. It exists beyond all beginnings and ends. On the surface nothing will shift, but deep in underground silence, water will hide and with soft fingers coax a new channel for itself, until stone gives in and slowly settles around the secret space.

Death is water’s close companion, and neither of them can be separated from us, for we are made of the versatility of water and the closeness of death. Water doesn’t belong to us, we belong to water: when it has passed through our fingers and pores and bodies, nothing separates us from earth.

Emmi ItärantaMemory of Water

Image © ForestWander Nature Photography with CCLicense

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