Quote for Today: Beryl Markham


 One day the stars will be as familiar to each man as the landmarks, the curves, and the hills on the road that leads to his door, and one day this will be an airborne life. But by then men will have forgotten how to fly; they will be passengers on machines whose conductors are carefully promoted to a familiarity with labelled buttons, and in whose minds knowledge of the sky and the wind and the way of weather will be extraneous as passing fiction.

― Beryl MarkhamWest with the Night


6 thoughts on “Quote for Today: Beryl Markham

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    • katmcdaniel Post authorReply

      Me too! Her writing is stunning and she lived such an exciting life.

      • Bela Johnson

        Omg. I don’t think I had courage like that when I was younger. She was very commendable for her exploits into so many frontiers!

        By the way, if you like Markham’s story, there is an author from this part of the country named Lesley Poling Kempes. I had never heard of her before we moved to New Mexico. Just finished Ladies of the Canyon. Amazing stories of turn of the century women who broke ground on the western frontier. Brilliant writing too!

      • katmcdaniel Post author

        OOOooh, thank you! I will check out Lesley Poling Kempes. Sounds right up my alley.

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