Open All of Your Windows Now: Get Rocking with Kellermensch’s Army Ants

It isn’t often you run across a rock band with enough eloquence in the English language to write a chorus such as “We are but army ants, living in accordance with principles of man.” Meet Denmark’s Kellermensch: Sebastian Wolff, guitar and vocals; Christian Sindermann, vocals; Anders Trans, drums; Jan Laursen, guitar; John Laursen, guitar and double bass; and Claudio Wolff Suez, bass. This is an eerie video thanks to the Nazi imagery and the “look you straight in the eyes” delivery by Wolff. It’s powerful and powerfully sung and played. The band is difficult to classify– imagine a metal band crossed with U2 and you might arrive somewhere near the mark. The partnering of Wolff’s clear but tortured vocals and Christian Sindermann’s death metal growl creates a sound that is quite unique. This song writhes with hope and frustration. The title invokes the deadly army ant, which destroys everything that moves in its path, stripping animals to the bone.

I’m a new fan. Hope you enjoy them as well.

Video via KellermenschOfficial on Youtube.

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