On Enlightenment: The Cave: An Adaptation of Plato’s Allegory In Clay by Michael Ramsey and John Grigsby

© Gabriele Veldkamp and Markus Maurer with CCLicense
© Gabriele Veldkamp and Markus Maurer with CCLicense

The philosopher Plato speaks of his understanding of human nature in Book VII of The Republic, in a short allegory known as the Allegory of the Cave, which you can read here. He felt that the process of enlightenment and learning was a wonderful and yet traumatic experience, one which left a human being lonely even as it freed him from the prison of ignorance and showed him the true nature of things. There was, in Plato’s view, a price to be paid for education and understanding. Part of this price was not being able to free former comrades who remained bound by their own philosophies and misunderstandings.

The video below is a realization of Plato’s story, written, produced and directed by Michael Ramsey with incredible claymation made by John Grigsby and narration by Kristopher Hutson. The Cave has won numerous awards, including top honors at the USA Film Festival Short Film and Video Competition 2008, the August Sun Film and TV Festival, the Swansea Life Film Festival 2008, the Indie Memphis Film Festival, the Cinema City Film Festival 2008, the 2008 Geneva Film Festival, the Montana Independent Film Festival, the Edmonton International Film Festival and the 2009 Tupelo Film Festival.

Video via Bullhead Entertainment on YouTube.

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