Of Children and Dragons: Patrick Boivin’s Dragon Baby

“Since I didn’t go to film school, nobody told me I wasn’t supposed to do everything.”

Patrick Boivin began his creative career drawing comic books, but found his true love in telling stories via video. The filmmaker from Montreal, Canada, not only directs, but gets intimately involved in all aspects of making video: lighting, editing, animation, special effects and sometimes even music. A pioneer of YouTube and Vimeo, his films have also been featured at the Montreal Film Festival, the Commonwealth Festival in the UK and the Festival de Namur in Belgium. He’s an artist Synkroniciti really admires.

© Shopping Diva with CCLicense
© Shopping Diva with CCLicense

Should the little girl above require saving, the charming video below, Dragon Baby, features Boivin’s son in a battle against a pernicious stuffed dragon. If you have time, check out the older sister in Iron Baby. What a completely awesome dad!

How’d they do that? Look at the video below to see behind the magic.

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