Mysteries, Second Set: Views of the Philbrook Villa

Here is my second set of Mysteries, this time featuring the architecture and gardens of the Philbrook Museum in Tulsa.

The Philbrook Museum is a fascinating collection of art housed in a modified1920s villa, surrounded by formal and informal gardens. The house once belonged to oil pioneer Waite Phillips and his wife Genevieve and was designed by Kansas city architect Edward Beuhler Delk.

When we visited it was the end of winter, and the gardens looked remarkably good. I would love to go back when they are at the height of their beauty. Winter does lend itself to a certain kind of wistful mystery however. This particular day the sun lingered behind thick clouds, making for some fantastic effects.

I hope you enjoy these photos! Please let me know if you have favorites.

Mysteries, Second Set: Views of the Philbrook Villa


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