Jack M. Freedman’s Cauldron wins Synkroniciti’s “Ritual” Cover Contest


Synkroniciti is proud to reveal the cover for our March 1st, 2022 issue with its theme of “Ritual,” Jack M. Freedman’s “Cauldron.” This vibrant and eye-catching photograph captures both the mundane and marvelous elements of our theme. We look down into a vessel of twisted kindling writhing in flame, only to glimpse what looks like a fantastical figure leaping above a strange and beautiful world, perhaps dancing, perhaps vaulting in battle, frozen in the moment. Ritual is about using things in our everyday experience to call forth the extraordinary, the mythical, the heroic, the comforting. “Cauldron” shows us how compelling that can be, especially when combined with imagination. What do you see?

Jack M. Freedman is a poet and spoken word artist from Staten Island, NY. Publications featuring his work span the globe. Countries where poems found homes include USA, Canada. UK, Ireland, France, The Netherlands, Ukraine, Nigeria, South Africa, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Singapore, Mauritius, and Thailand. Under the pseudonym Jacob R. Moses, he penned the full-length poetry book, Grimoire (iiPublishing, 2021). He is currently a student at Southern New Hampshire University pursuing a Masters in English and Creative Writing. Please check out his website.

Congratulations, Jack!

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4 thoughts on “Jack M. Freedman’s Cauldron wins Synkroniciti’s “Ritual” Cover Contest

    • katmcdaniel Post authorReply

      You are so welcome! Cauldron is a perfect fit for the issue. We love it!

  1. Ofelia Reply

    Stunning! See something new captivating each time I look at it, bravo!!

    • katmcdaniel Post authorReply

      Isn’t that fun! It’s a little bit like a Rorschach test…you see what your brain picks out of the abstraction. Thank you, Ofelia!

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