Intersections Featured Artist Yolanda Movsessian

Synkroniciti is proud to feature the artists of our newest online issue, “Intersections,” available for download here:

Synkroniciti is honored to welcome back digital artist and poet Yolanda Movsessian, who created the gorgeous “Dancing in the Flow” cover for our “Flow” issue. Her first issue with us was our third, “Empathy,” and she has has returned in “Uncharted,” “Hidden,” “Transcend,” “Ritual,” “Flow” and now “Intersections.” “Intersections” is a bittersweet and emotional piece of digital art created from a photo of lamplight on a gravel path as she grappled with the mortality of her partner. He died on December 5th. Yolanda shares with us her deep vulnerability. We hold her and Larry in the Light even as words fail.

Our lives are the rays of light against the darkness. The intersections of these lights are the stuff that makes our lives rich, meaningful, even if for a brief time.”–Yolanda, from the caption for “Intersections.”

Yolanda Movsessian is an Armenian born in Iran who currently lives in Houston, TX. Now that she has survived the adventures of raising her three magnificent children (and they have survived her) she spends her free time writing, drawing, playing with her camera and plotting ways to steal her daughter’s beautiful velveteen cat.

Her short stories have won Mississippi Review’s 2020 prize for best fiction, finalist for Kallisto Gaia Press’ Chester B Himes Memorial Short Fiction Prize, as well as top 3 of first round of NYC Midnight Short Story Challenge 2021. Her writing, art, and photography can be found in various places such as Synkroniciti, Defunkt, and Equinox Magazines. She loves collaborating with various artists. Recently her cine-poem “waxing gibbous 97% illuminated”, a collaboration with Filmmaker Mitchell Collins, won Judges’ first prize in the ReelPoetry Festival 2022. You can view her project on Poetry Film Live:

2 thoughts on “Intersections Featured Artist Yolanda Movsessian

  1. Roméo Desmarais III Reply

    I love the Intersections cover art so so much!! Congratulations on a fantastic work of art, Yolanda!! It means even more knowing the story behind it–my condolences on the loss of your partner. It makes me so happy and proud that my two poems on the inside are so well represented on the outside! Thank-you! And thanks also, of course, as always, and always, and in all ways, to “our” Katherine for her keen curatorial eye, and her kind and sensitive heart, for expertly weaving all these lovely Intersections, all these sinfully delightful Synkronicities, for us all to ponder on, react to/from/with, and, most importantly, simply enjoy! ❤️

    • katmcdaniel Post authorReply

      Hi Roméo! Yolanda did the cover art for our “Flow” issue. In “Intersections” she is inside the issue and her piece was also called “Intersections.” Sorry for the confusion! The cover art for “Intersections” is from The Hidden Dimension II by Sarah Choo Jing. They are both really cool pieces!!

      I love weaving the issue together–the pieces stand on their own beautifully, but they also inter-relate and resonate together. Thanks for appreciating that!


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