Intersections Featured Artist Mark Hendrickson

Synkroniciti is proud to welcome the artists of our newest online issue, “Intersections,” available for download here:

Synkroniciti is excited to introduce poet Mark Hendrickson. His poems “When I Talk to You,” “I Learned Something Today” and “The Moment of Loss” are spare, vulnerable reflections on his relationship with his father. The first speaks candidly of his father’s distance and cool disappointment towards him, while the second and third deal with his father’s diagnosis of dementia. How does one respond healthily in a situation that is inherently unhealthy? Detachment, grief and a surreal sense of loss mingle together. Many people experience these feelings, but most find it near impossible to express them, let alone with Mark’s clarity.

Read Mark’s illuminating and cathartic poems in Synkroniciti’s “Intersections” issue.

Mark Hendrickson is an emerging poet who recently relocated to the Des Moines area. His current completed poetry collection, The Superman Sessions, is in the publication process.

Before becoming a poet, Mark worked as a mental health technician in a locked psychiatric unit for many years. He has advanced degrees in Music, Marriage & Family Therapy, and Health Information Management. His writings often reflect issues related to mental health, emotional trauma, and difficult family relationships. He loves his husband, mythology, Existential philosophy, and his cat.

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