Intersections Featured Artist Jonathan Yungkans

Synkroniciti is proud to feature the artists of our newest online issue, “Intersections,” available for download here:

Welcome back our most decorated (he’s won both the cover contest for our “Hidden” issue and the poetry contest for our “Birds” issue) poet and photographer Jonathan Yungkans! He hasn’t missed an issue since our second one and always finds fascinating angles and intricacies within our themes. “Intersections” features two of his cadralore and a duplex poem–the theme  being extremely friendly to both forms. “And the Wolves in the Wolf Factory Paused” takes us from Ukraine to the Old West, Prague, the Polish Border and, finally, a bird’s nest in Whittier, California, boldly exposing at the nature of human and animal communities. Our understanding of right and wrong is far more opaque than we are willing to admit–is it our nature or our adherence to unspoken rules that creates this disparity? “Sections of Understanding Were Imposed” digs into the feelings we have in the late fall as days get darker and we turn toward winter. What sort of changes occur in us that we don’t understand or recognize? “Duplex Sequence: Numbered Days Come Up” gets at the paradox of the time we spent (and spend) under the shadow of the pandemic. Each day is a risk, an opportunity for us to decay. But each day is also a victory, an assurance that we are still here.

Read Jonathan’s masterful poems in “Intersections.”

Jonathan Yungkans is a Los Angeles-based writer and photographer who earned an MFA from California State University, Long Beach while working as an in-home health-care provider, an occupation he still practices. His second poetry chapbook, Beneath a Glazed Shimmer, won the 2019 Clockwise Chapbook Prize and was published in 2021 by Tebot Bach. Follow Jonathan on Twitter and Facebook.


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