Intersections Featured Artist Geoffrey Baring

Synkroniciti is proud to introduce the artists of our newest online issue, “Intersections,” available here:

Welcome emerging writer Geoffrey Baring, a grad-student at Purdue University! We are proud to publish “Lena River,” a sensitive portrait of human interaction and kindness. Irina picks up hitchhiker Evelyn on her way home from St. Petersburg to Omsk and ends up inviting the young woman to stay the night at her home. Evelyn is a reserved American, and Irina (as well as the reader) senses there is something pivotal happening under the surface of her passenger’s quiet, dreamy exterior. It’s a brief interaction, the kind that can happen when we push outside of our comfort zone, one that stays with us and takes on a haunted, vague quality that disturbs the status quo and makes us restless. Where is Evelyn going, who is she and will she be safe?

Read Geoffrey’s delicate and empathetic story in “Intersections,” the latest issue of Synkroniciti’s online magazine.

(A novel, a film, and a symphony are standing in line at the DMV. Why did the others send the book to the back of the line?)

Born in Maryland, then transplanted first to Houston and then Chicago, now based in western Indiana, Geoffrey Baring is a full-time grad student, mathematics teaching-assistant, and lover of physics, music, and literature. When he’s not teaching or studying, he bikes, cooks, and writes short stories. In his writing he focuses on interpersonal relationships and how a story can be told through even the most mundane occurrences. His literary inspirations include Jane Austen, Leo Tolstoy, and James Joyce, among others.

(Because the paper cut.)


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