Intersections Featured Artist Christopher X. Ryan

Synkroniciti is proud to feature the artists of our newest online issue, “Intersections,” available for download here:

Welcome writer Christopher X. Ryan, who won our “Intersections” Short Story Contest with “Chum,” the story of a young insomniac roaming muggy Florida streets in the wee hours of the morning. It’s not just the heat that’s beating him down. He’s unemployed and his girlfriend is pregnant and readying herself for an abortion. Everyone he runs into assumes he’s homeless, including the local cops. “Chum” is a play on words…it can mean a friend or it can mean shark (or better, in this case, alligator) bait. Who we are at the moment–-predator, prey, ambivalent, friend–-depends on who we encounter and how we interact and intersect. Most of the time we get by through pure obliviousness to the danger around us.

Read Christopher’s fascinating story about the quirky margins of a big city in our “Intersections” issue.

Born on the East Coast island of Martha’s Vineyard, Christopher X. Ryan now lives in Helsinki, Finland, where he writes fiction, edits books, and basks in the kaamos, or the season of darkness. His debut novel HELIOPHOBIA from Montag Press ( launches in December 2022, and he can be found at

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