Intersections Featured Artist Anne-Julie Hynes

Synkroniciti is proud to welcome the artists of our newest online issue, “Intersections,” available for download here:

Synkroniciti is excited to introduce multidisciplinary visual artist Anne-Julie Hynes. We present two of her digital photographic collages, “Escape” and “1923,” and a light collage, “Intersections.” Light collages are made by photographing a combination of images placed on light table and illuminated by the glow of the light shining through them. “Intersections” gives us a look at the impermanence of modern life…so much is continually under construction and much of our direction is provided by icons rather than natural signposts. “Escape” is a play on the wildness of modern cities as skyscrapers are juxtaposed with alligators. We like to hope that modern humanity gets more empathetic and breaks the predator-prey cycle, but old instincts die hard. “1923” brings together a winter scene on the Brooklyn Bridge with men standing (one on his head) on an old light pole in 1920s garb. Have we lost that sense of adventure and fun that created new opportunities? Is the city an idea which has seen its best and most creative days?

Experience Anne-Julie’s quirky cityscapes in Synkroniciti’s “Intersections” issue, along with a short article illuminating her work: “Collage as Medium and Method: Intersections in the Work of Anne-Julie Hynes.”

The artwork of Anne-Julie Hynes reflects a strong and powerful relationship to landscape and nature, including city-specific landscapes. She is a multidisciplinary artist who works with a wide variety of mediums, such as painting, photography, collage and sculpture. She likes juxtapositions and collages of images. With her camera, she collects and puts together the textures, colors, shapes that surround her, translating what she has learned from this engagement with the landscape into different mediums and often using several materials.

Having had the opportunity to be chosen for various research and creation art residencies around the world, she now considers herself a nomadic artist. Since graduating from Concordia University’s Fine Arts program, her artworks have been shown in Canada, as well as in China, Poland, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Hungary and Tahiti, and have been featured in several publications. Many of her works are part of private and public collections, including Le Meridien in Tahiti, Town of Ste-Therese (Quebec) and Energir in Montreal.

Please visit Anne-Julie’s website.

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