Inconsolable by Michel Pavlou and Natasha Heidsieck Mak Wins Synkroniciti’s First Video Contest

Synkroniciti is thrilled to announce that “Inconsolable,” poem and performance by Natasha Heidsieck Mak, film and art by Michel Pavlou, has won our “Transcend” video contest. This is a stunning entry! The technical aspects, the music and art selection and the poetry itself, performed so passionately and elegantly, are all completely mesmerizing and deeply touching. We see vague images, heavily shadowed, with moments of light, of a crowd passing by and of doors, all hinting at transition and mutability. We hear the voice of one left behind as the beloved dies, one who can just make out “the shape of hope” as corporeal contact is irrevocably lost. It is that intangible sense of loss, captured for a moment by this transcendent short film, which leaves a lump in my throat every time I view “Inconsolable.” It is such an honor to include it in our upcoming issue.

“Transcend,” our tenth issue, will debut November 30, 2021. You can subscribe here or order the individual issue here.

We will have features on Michel Pavlou and Natasha Heidsieck Mak as part of our Featured Artist Series coming up next month. The bio that follows is lifted from Michel’s website.

Michel Pavlou is a multi-media artist and filmmaker whose work has been shown and awarded since 1990 in numerous exhibitions and festivals worldwide. Born in Greece (1960), he studied economics at Louis Pasteur University, Strasbourg and Visual Arts at Ecole Nationale des Beaux Arts de Nancy, France. He is a founding member of Atopia, an artist’s initiative based in Oslo, dedicated to the research on experimental film & video art.
Besides his focus on moving image he has worked in the areas of painting, photography, curatorship, theatre scenography, teaching, poetry and music. He gained numerous grands, supports and fellowships for his visual researches, by international institutions, including the Norwegian State’s Guaranty Income for Artists (since 2011). Over the last decade, Pavlou’s work deals mainly with the reversible relationships between the fictional and the documentary, the actual and the virtual, bringing to light the mutual nature of the  images. Ordinary, daily sceneries alter to paradoxical stage settings where space and time turn out to be malleable.

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