Here Come the Flying Cars: The Terrafugia Transition® and TF-X™ Concept

© Terrafugia 2012 NYIAS with CCLicense
© Terrafugia 2012 NYIAS with CCLicense

People have been fantasizing about flying cars since the automobile came into being at the beginning of the twentieth century. From Star Wars to the Fifth Element and beyond, science fiction has enjoyed portraying stylish rides careening through the air, usually above streets which don’t seem to realize how pointless they have become. So where the heck are the flying cars?  The Terrufugia Transition® is already being tested in the air, and you can order one if you have $280,000 laying around. It runs on gasoline and is extremely bulky, as you can see in the picture. It appears that the sleeker Terrafugia TF-X™ may be available by 2021. 

Video via YouCar on YouTube.

TF-X™ is Terrafugia’s vision for the future of personal transportation.  A four-seat, plug-in hybrid electric flying car with fly-by-wire vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) capabilities, TF-X™ is designed to bring personal aviation to the world.  The design will make use of the high power density and reliability of modern electric motors in combination with parallel power and control system architectures to achieve a higher level of safety than modern automobiles.  TF-X™ will provide true door-to-door transportation combined with the freedom of vertical takeoff and landing — creating a new dimension of personal mobility.

Are you ready to teach your sixteen year old to land and take off? You thought parallel parking was bad…

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