Globe-trotting Travel Series #5: Violinist Lena Yokoyama from Cremona, Italy

The 5th day of the Globe-trotting Travel Series takes us to a hospital rooftop in Cremona, Italy, where violinist Lena Yokoyama plays a passionate performance of Gabriel’s Oboe from The Mission by Ennio Morricone, as hospital workers and patients continue their fight against Covid-19. Masked as they are, you can see the reaction to her marvelous gift. Gabriel’s Oboe conveys a haunting mournfulness that, despite its passion, moves forward with dignity and resolution. There is doubtless no film composer that embodies Italy and her resilience better than Morricone, who is 91.
“The Maggiore Hospital of Cremona is one of the symbolic places in the fight against Covid-19. Right on the roof of the hospital Lena Yokoyama, violinist with the Violin Museum, played four songs. The notes, from Morricone to the Anthem of Mameli, spread throughout the hospital district. The concert, which took place on April 16, was born as a tribute to the health personnel, to the patients of the Cremona and province hospital and to the volunteers of Samaritan’s Purse who are fighting against Covid-19. The goal is also to relaunch the fundraising for “United for the province of Cremona”, an association whose objective is to financially support the hospitals of Cremona, Crema and Casalmaggiore and the social-health structures. To donate to the association “United for the province of Cremona” simply make a transfer to the IBAN: IT13Z0845411404000000231085. The event was organized by Pro Cremona and was made possible thanks to the collaboration of the ASST of Cremona, the “United for the Cremona Province” association, the Municipality of Cremona, the Violin Museum and Acid Studio s.r.l.”


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