Globe-trotting Travel Series #27: The Barton Family, Bangkok, Thailand

Day 27 of the Globe-trotting Travel Series comes to you from Bangkok, Thailand. 5 year-old Emilie Barton imagines what it would be like to have a father in the medical profession during the time of Covid-19. Her imagination helps her to understand and empathize with others during this horrible pandemic and allows her to voice some powerful truths without tears. She also interwove a humorous tale of a dog named Pip, who is a figment of her fantasy that keeps the story a happy and engaging one. Her father helped with the story line and recording while her mom made the stunning illustrations which really make the experience special. It’s very impressive; it’s hard to believe it all started as a home-school project.
You might need your tissues for this one. There is something about hearing a child calmly speak of death and suffering. Such clarity and empathy in one so young!

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