Globe-trotting Travel Series #22: Louis-Marie Fardet of the Houston Symphony with Fabien Gabel

Day 22 of the Globe-trotting Travel Series returns home to Houston to feature the mesmerizing and soulful playing of Louis-Marie Fardet of the Houston Symphony, accompanied on the piano by guest conductor Fabien Gabel. Massenet’s Méditation from the opera Thaïs (pronounced tie-ees) is made even more heart-rending by Fardet’s emotive performance.
If you enjoy live music, take a moment to think of all the orchestras, bands and choirs that have no clear path to be able to play together in person at this time. Think of all of the musicians who have found themselves without work or prospect of work. If you have the means, donate to your local arts organization and purchase music and art to make sure these people can put food on their table and provide their healing arts, which mean so much to the human spirit.

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