Globe-trotting Travel Series #19: Manju Singh from Lucknow, India

Painting a picture is a bit like meditation. The focused attention required is both relaxing and a means of working out feelings and thoughts. It can be a vehicle for prayer and positive energy. Today’s Globe-trotting Travel Series (#19), comes from the city of Lucknow in northern India near the border with Nepal. Artist Manju Singh paints to memorialize and acknowledge the Covid-19 response in India. I am drawn in and reassured by her skill and vision, even as I recognize what an enormous challenge this is for our entire world. People everywhere are having similar experiences and art helps us share our stories.


“Contribution of our Corona Warriors , ie, The Medical Staff , The Police Staff and the citizens of India have been shown.

• The world is being guided by WHO (World Health Organization) , and expects relevant guidelines , as shown by the Symbol of WHO.
• The medical staff strives hard to revive a corona patient (middle)
• The police staff checks out that the rule of lockdown is followed everywhere [Lockdown is shown by a Lock ( in the painting)].
• The police staff is shown wiping the tears of the people in stress , showcasing that it is helping in helping the person in need .
• The Government of India guides all the Corona warriors (shown by the National Emblem on top right corner)
• The people under lockdown are taking precautions , using sanitizers and washing hands , to ensure individual and social safety.
• Now the grievances of people is also shown .
The migrants ( abourers mainly) , walk for long distances , hoping for the government to provide help (shown on the lower left corner) .
On the other hand , the poor is not getting enough food to feed on and is starving (shown by a figure holding on its stomach).
People are not able to Submerge the ashes of their loved ones due to lockdown , therefore they planned to hang those ashes from tree branches , complying with the rules .”


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