Globe-trotting Travel Series #17 from Wuhan, China, via NOWNESS

Day 17: The Globe-trotting Travel Series returns to Wuhan, China, the first city to go on lockdown for Covid-19, with this short film directed by Fanqing and Yurui Chen for NOWNESS. Imagine living in the first city to go through the uncertainty and fear of an outbreak, having no data to rely on and starting precautions late in the game, when the infection was already rampant. This short film shows the deserted streets and features some local media coverage as we hear the voices of survivors.
All over the world, whether we live in small villages or large industrial cities, we are connected and we are all vulnerable to this contagion.
Executive Producer: Shaway Yeh
Producer: Lawrence Xiao
Creative Director: Fanqing
Post Production Director: Yurui Chen
Video Editor: Chenglin
Programming Editor: Coco Ho

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