Full Speed Ahead: Eye of the Storm by Lovett

© OcularFracture with CCLicense
© OcularFracture with CCLicense

For those of you who love steam punk, this video is a gem of the genre: eerie, beautiful, and very cutting edge. Piloting his craft above the stormy seas of a relationship gone sour, the only way the traveller can get through is to steer into the storm, hoping to reach the eye.

Ben Lovett is a musician, composer, songwriter and producer born in Georgia. Another multi-talented artist of the type we love at synkroniciti, Lovett starred as the traveller as well as  writing and performing the song itself. Led by director Christopher Alender, who was inspired by Lovett’s music, an incredible team assembled to create the video for Eye of the Storm, including cinematographer Craig Kief, Wes Ball of Oddball Animation, and producer Kris Eber. The video below summarizes the creative process behind the seamless short film. This is extremely impressive work using black light and blue screen technology.

Perhaps best known as a film composer, Lovett has received a Best Score award at The Brooklyn International Film Festival for The Last Lullaby in 2009 and additional Best Score Awards for Ghost Of Old Highways at both the Madrid International Film Festival and the Charlotte Film Festival in 2012.

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