For the Wanderers: Aves Errantes by La Mano Ajena

© pirinolaxx with CCLicense
© pirinolaxx with CCLicense

La Mano Ajena, Alien Hand, is a Chilean band comprised of Rodrigo Latorre, saxophone, guitar, flute, keyboard and theremin; María Fernanda Carrasco, vocals, keyboard, melodica and percussion; Danka Villanueva, violin and marimba; Gabriel Moyla, accordion and saxophone; Jair Moreno, clarinet; Álvaro Sáez, drums, darbuka and djembe; and Cristian Aqueveque, bass, all of whom began their careers in Chilean theatre. Their music is an eclectic mix of styles from Europe and Latin America, including folk dances, klezmer, and jazz, among others. A mix of the comic and the serious that owes something to Brecht as well as to the dance halls of Europe in the 1940s and 50s, this video features a quirky tune called Aves Errantes, Wandering Birds, sung in French and Spanish.

Aves Errantes
Wandering Birds
winter Sunday
I walk the boulevard
without direction
I do not recognize streets or odors
I talk about you
I am a ghost
in a hostile crowd
one day I left on a cold morning
I cried, I erased
the path with haughtiness, without looking back
afraid to lose
your voice, your skin
the sweetness of your kiss
His great love
feverish, pursues his madness
another bird’s flight
across the sea
to meet the sun
dancing feet to
the sound of this little waltz
our brothers of skin
our blood brothers
those who die and are reborn every day
those who dream every night with their land
those who suffer for their color differences
to these wandering birds we give our blessing

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