Fooling the Eye: Art Installations by Felice Varini

© erin williamson with CCLicense

Anamorphic art makes a distorted projection of an image that can be viewed as a coherent image only from a particular vantage point. Artist Felice Varini is famous for his anamorphic art installations, which create real world effects that look much like digital ones. Seen from the proper angle, the world seems overlaid with geometric patterns. Seen from another, the illusion is revealed: fragments of the image are painted directly on walls and other surfaces in the space. Varini has painted outdoors and indoors, in beautiful historic churches and modern office buildings, creating magic that fools and amuses the eye.

Born in 1952 in Locarno, Switzerland, Varini lives in Paris. Scroll down for some more of his amazing installations.

Images #1,2, 7 & 8 © Erin Williamson with CCLicense.

Image #3 © groume with CCLicense.

Image #4 © Jason Whittaker with CCLicense.

Image #5 © Matt Rosser with CCLicense.

Image #6 © Maxime Felder with CCLicense.

© Erin Williamson with CCLicense

© groume with CCLicense
Quatre triangles pour deux fenêtres, Rue Édouard VII
© Jason Whittaker
Musée des Beaux Arts, Nancy, France
© Matt Rosser with CCLicense
Three Ellipses for Three Locks, Cardiff Bay Barrage
© Maxime Felder with CCLicense
Cercle et suite d’éclats, Vercorin, Switzerland

© Erin Williamson with CCLicense

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