Featured Artist: Yolanda Movsessian


Welcome back photographer, digital artist and poet Yolanda Movsessian, one of our Houston rockstars. Her poem Dicing onions by the stove at the old house or When life was simpler, is an examination of feelings of impending doom and disaster brought to the surface by the pandemic, a perfect storm for modern humanity. In addition, we are delighted to bring three luminous pieces of digital art: Organism, Shadow Storm, and Toad broth and fields of Brahman. Yolanda’s work is sharp and intelligent as well as emotional, and she has a marvelous talent for abstraction. She’s also great at writing companion pieces for the art and supplying images for the poetry.

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Yolanda Movsessian is an Armenian born in Iran who currently lives in Houston, TX, USA. Now that she has survived the adventures of raising her three magnificent children (and they have survived her) she spends her free time living a more impromptu life writing, drawing and playing with her camera. You can often find her contemplating life and poetry and plotting ways to steal her daughter’s beautiful velveteen Siberian cat over a cup of mocha latte infused with cayenne pepper at a local coffee shop.

Here’s Yolanda’s beautiful poem, On this cool December night I realize I have to say goodbye, illustrated with one of her lovely photos, from Synkroniciti Vol. 2, No. 1.

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