Featured Artist: Yolanda Movsessian

Please join Synkroniciti in welcoming back Houston artist, poet and writer Yolanda Movsessian. “Dance in the Flow” won our cover art contest for the issue and is joined by “Flow 1” and “Flow 3,” two sinuous line drawing/digital studies inspired by the calligraphy she learned growing up in Iran. We include “Pen and Ink to Pixels with Artist Yolanda Movsessian,” a feature article about her influences, challenges and process. Yolanda’s work combines the instinctual and the intellectual, drawing in references not only from history and literature, but from science and mathematics. You might see the spirit hovering over the waters or you might see the jet stream, but you will feel the sense of beauty, empathy and poetry that centers her art.

Experience Yolanda’s graceful art in the new issue of Synkroniciti, “Flow.” You can subscribe or purchase the issue here:  https://synkroniciti.com/the-magazine/.

Yolanda Movsessian is an Armenian born in Iran who currently lives in Houston, TX. Now that she has survived the adventures of raising her three magnificent children (and they have survived her) she spends her free time writing, drawing, playing with her camera and plotting ways to steal her daughter’s beautiful velveteen cat.

Her short stories have won Mississippi Review’s 2020 prize for best fiction, finalist for Kallisto Gaia Press’ Chester B Himes Memorial Short Fiction Prize, as well as top 3 of first round of NYC Midnight Short Story Challenge 2021. Her writing, art, and photography can be found in various places such as Synkroniciti, Defunkt, and Equinox Magazines. She loves collaborating with various artists. Recently her cine-poem “waxing gibbous 97% illuminated”, a collaboration with Filmmaker Mitchell Collins, won Judges’ first prize in the ReelPoetry Festival 2022. 

Here is a little taste of Yolanda’s photography. This is “Lady of Roses” from Synkronicit’s “Ritual” issue, Vol 4, No 1. The entire issue is available here. Look for Jack Freedman’s “Cauldron” on the cover.


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