Featured Artist: Vesperalia

Synkroniciti is enthralled to welcome visual artist Vesperalia from Italy, with an experimental photograph called “Fading Reveries” and two collages, “Watch Your Time, Grow Your Mind” and “Chronoillogical.” The photo has much to say about mutability and persona, the collages are a mysterious combination of the mathematical and measurable with the absurd. Vesperalia often creates while listening to podcasts about science and this shows in the work.
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“Visions, dreams, thoughts, hallucinations and introspective journeys, conveyed mainly through the media of collage, photography and short movies. I am inspired by forms of expression such as Dadaism, Surrealism, Symbolism; movements like Fluxus and Devětsil resonate deeply with me.
VESPERALIA is the name I’ve chosen to share with the outside world for some of the visuals I create and make. They can mean everything and nothing depending on the perspective you are looking from.”
Check out The Cabinet of VESPERALIA on tumblr: https://vesperalia.tumblr.com/

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