Featured Artist: Tuba Sozudogru

Synkroniciti is delighted to welcome visual artist and spiritual medium Tuba Sozudogru, a native of Turkey who makes Houston her home. Tuba sat down with Katherine McDaniel over Zoom and excerpts of that magical conversation became “Reflections on Water,” an article paired with six of Tuba’s astonishing figural artworks: facial study, scream, skindeep, nude, self portrait and between worlds. Tuba combines a scientific rendering of the physical with emotional and spiritual authenticity. It’s as if she is capturing the unity and wholeness of the body and spirit together. Tuba’s background is steeped not only in art–both of her parents were art professors and she followed them in that regard–but in the ancient shamanic culture of Turkey.

Come and see Tuba’s perceptive and powerful artwork and read about her process. You can purchase our “Transcend” issue, Vol. 3, No. 4, or subscribe here. The issue is now available online as of November 30th.

Tuba Sozudogru is a psychic medium and an artist, working in two different worlds, learning as she goes. Tuba holds a Bachelors of Fine Arts from the University of Hacettepe in Ankara, Turkey and a Masters of Fine Arts from the University of Houston. She has taught Fine Art at the University of Houston, Houston Community College and Houston Baptist University and worked with the Children’s Museum of Houston, the Association for the Advancement of Mexican Americans, the Texas Institute of Arts and Education and the Cultural Arts Caucus of Houston Neighborhood Art Pilot Program. 

Image: Self Portrait, Tuba Sozudogru

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