Featured Artist: Traveon Dinell Rogers

Meet photojournalist Traveon Dinell Rogers, whose intelligent and thoughtful work explores issues of identity, illuminating what it means to be human in the 21st century from the valuable and often unacknowledged perspective of people of color. I am overjoyed to present his first printed photo-essay, Reflections Beyond the Mirror: Exploring Blackness in Colombia’s Unlikeliest City, about his experience in the Black community in Medellín, Colombia, where he is currently living in quarantine from the Covid-19 pandemic. This essay is insightful and fascinating; Traveon captures the warmth and beauty of communities that are marginalized and ignored by governments and bourgeois society.

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Houston-native Traveon Dinell Rogers is a musician, performing artist, photographer and budding filmmaker who draws inspiration from thought-provoking, authentic representations of culture through multimedia content. Armed with a passionate conviction that stages and screens of all sizes are today’s most powerful educational tools, Traveon demonstrates that scholarly endeavors can be explored beyond libraries, lecture halls and books
His interests and artistic ventures are creative, intellectual and methodical. He has been involved with Panafricanistas México and was an associate producer of the short documentary, “Jamaica y Tamarindo: Afro Tradition in the Heart of Mexico,” which has been screened at Harvard University, the San Diego Film Festival, Cineteca Nacional in Mexico City, and Pan-African Film Festival in Los Angeles. His debut work, Structures and Waterways, which premiered at the first opening reception of Latin Week Houston in January 2020, is a visual dialogue that explores cultural implications and historical associations through subliminal messaging and photos.

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