Featured Artist: Tor Hyams

Synkroniciti is excited to welcome poet Tor Hyams, with two striking pieces: Junior and The music the rain makes. The first is the story of a young man named Mahmoud growing up tough in Brooklyn; the second is a thrilling recounting of a NYC rainstorm, pounding its music over the urban landscape. Tor is an established, Grammy nominated singer-songwriter and former music producer turned playwright and now poet.
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Tor Hyams is over fifty and still an idealist. This is proven by the fact that he traded a prolific and lucrative music career in Los Angeles for a not-as-lucrative career in New York City (Brooklyn, really) as a writer… and this was right after he received a Grammy nomination. Still prolific, Tor and his partner, Lisa St. Lou, have co-written several musicals and plays (including the Broadway-bound Green Acres musical), in addition to authoring television pilots and two long-playing phonograph records in which he and Lisa also perform. From live gigs all over the country to his ever-expanding writing room in Brooklyn, Tor is looking forward to the world premiere of his play Senior Living, set to debut at Portland Stage in Maine next Fall. He is grateful and thrilled to have his first poems published with Synkroniciti Magazine. Published poet? Idealistic indeed.
For more info: www.torandlisa.com

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