Featured Artist: Tara Iacobucci

Synkroniciti is delighted to introduce poet Tara Iacobucci. Hers is a sensitive poetic voice with a quiet strength rooted in vulnerability. We are featuring two poems, “Your Kindergarten Teacher Says You Cry Sometimes” and “On the Wonder of Home.” The first chronicles time spent reading with a kindergartener and explores the precious bond between parent and child, while the second relishes the extraordinary fulfillment that can come within ordinary moments when they are permeated by love. By acknowledging the imperfection of human relationships and the mutability of life, Tara enlarges the wonder and gratitude we feel for what we have.

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Tara Iacobucci is an English teacher and poet living in the Boston area who writes often about home and her three boisterous children. When she’s not writing or teaching, she is most likely juggling a number of other passions and kids’ activities for which time does not allow. She tries, unsuccessfully, not to hit the snooze button and is late for everything, in constant awe of how fast time moves. Her work has most recently appeared in Mother’s Always Write and The Bangalore Review and is forthcoming in New Plains Review and Toho Journal.

Here is a little taste of Tara’s simple magic, “After the Funeral” as published in The Bangalore Review.

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