Featured Artist: Svetlana Olshanskaya

Synkroniciti is thrilled to welcome photographer Svetlana Olshanskaya from Lugansk, Ukraine. “Empowered” features three of her compelling photos. In “Defenselessness,” Svetlana shows us baby birds in a nest in her backyard, waiting for their parents to return with food. She reminds us that we, like those nestlings, are dependent on others for our safety and life. If our neighbors become hostile or negligent, our home can be damaged or destroyed, our future changed or terminated. “Sun at Its Zenith” shows the beauty of a new day while also recalling the blue and yellow of the Ukrainian flag. “The Essence of Being” positions an empty cartridge from WW II next to a Bible and wildflowers, hinting at the complex relationship between war and religion.

Svetlana turned to photography in 2014, around the time that Russia first invaded Lugansk and Donetsk provinces. She continues to find natural and human loveliness that resists occupation and war and she documents it, providing hope.

Experience Svetlana’s powerful images in the “Empowered” issue of our online magazine, available here. You can subscribe or order the issue, which debuted September 1, 2022.

Svetlana Olshanskaya was born in the city of Lugansk, Ukraine. She started taking photographs not long ago. It became her passion to plunge into the world of beauty.

She specializes in landscape photography, human-nature interaction, and urban landscapes. Svetlana wants to show the beauty of the surrounding world with her works. She has participated in city and international exhibitions.

Please take a look at Svetlana’s website and follow her on Instagram.

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