Featured Artist: Stacie Eirich

Synkroniciti is excited to welcome poet, writer and musician Stacie Eirich. Her evocative poetry begins the “Empowered” Issue. “i dress myself with rain” is a gorgeous poem, both in subject and in form–Synkroniciti is partial to poetry with a strong visual element like this one. It describes the magic of being touched by a morning rainstorm.  “Sacred Space” follows, taking us to church and bringing us into communion with all the music and stories which have occupied that space. It’s definitely an experience from the choir loft; there is nothing quite like joining voices in song. The final poem is “City of Jazz & Dreams,” a paean to Stacie’s adopted home, New Orleans. Even as the city slowly is overrun by the sea, she is vibrant and dear as ever.

Read Stacie’s soulful, musical poetry in the “Empowered” Issue of our online magazine, available here. You can subscribe or order the issue, which debuted September 1, 2022.

Stacie Eirich is a poet, singer and library associate. Her poems have recently appeared in Ariel Chart International Literary Journal, Art Times Journal, Avalon Literary Review and The Bluebird Word. She has also written and published short fiction and a children’s fantasy series: The Dream Chronicles.

Stacie studied English, Music and Psychology in college and earned a Masters Degree in English Studies from Illinois State University.

She lives on the Northshore of New Orleans, Louisiana with three cats, two kids and one fish.

Check out Stacie’s website.


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