Featured Artist: Shawna Ervin

Synkroniciti is excited to feature four poems by Shawna Ervin in the upcoming November 30th issue: Three Things, Bouquet, Labored and Memory. Each poem centers around a relationship and shared experience. From a mother and child sharing fruit and wonder to a boy and girl playing at identity, from a baby born unable to hold her mother together to a mother holding out her hand to her adoptive daughter, these poems are full of breath-taking vulnerability that eschews sentimentality.
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Shawna Ervin dreamed of becoming a trapeze artist when she was a child. There was a glitch. She was scared of heights. In lieu of acrobatics, Shawna kept her feet on the ground and traveled to various worlds through books. In turn, she now strives to offer her world to readers. She will graduate with an MFA this summer from Pacific Lutheran University and is afraid she may never read a book without dissecting the craft again. Recent publications include Tampa Review, Sanskrit, Rappahannock Review, Euphony, Sweet: A Literary Confection, Evening Street Review, The Delmarva Review, and Superstition Review. Her poetry chapbook is titled Mother Lines. She lives in Denver with her family.

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