Featured Artist: Sara Collie

Welcome writer Sara Collie to Synkroniciti! Her essay, A Procedure for Moving Through Labyrinths, is an inspiring and inviting exhortation to investigate that labyrinth we find all around us and within us. Striking a balance between personal care and exploration, between boldness and gentleness, she shares with us a strategy for finding our way through the squeezes, twists and dark places in life.

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In her own words:

Sara Collie is a writer, language tutor and wandering soul living in Cambridge, England. She has a PhD in Contemporary French Literature and loves playing with words, gardening, wild swimming and walking in the mountains. Her writing explores the wild, uncertain spaces of nature, the ups and downs of mental health, and the mysteries of the creative process. Her poetry and prose have appeared in various online and print anthologies. She is currently writing a memoir about her experiences hiking across the Pyrenees.

Here are some links to her online work:

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