Featured Artist: Sam Houty

I am thrilled to welcome back poet Sam Houty (1:2 Water), this time with three graceful and delicate poems: White noise asylum, about the immigration process in the UK; Dimensions, which talks about the seductive anonymity of living in London; and Transit, about the London Underground. Sam is so meticulous and so spare–he’s the only poet in Synkroniciti’s publication history to which I have never given an editory note.
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Sam Houty is a poet and jazz singer. He holds a MFA in creative writing from Kingston University, London. His attention to imagery and imaginative description comes from his experience working as an architect and a love of fantasy novels. He currently teaches creative writing workshops, freelance. He also runs a critique group called Type-writers to help improve his craft and support the development of writers in his community. He’s currently working on a poetry chapbook entitled Revolutionary.
Sam Houty’s Underwater City from Synkroniciti’s second issue, Fall 2019, which had the theme of water. A beautiful poem about finding love in the big city (London). Floating away like bubbles…
This kind of vulnerable simplicity is very difficult to write. Such economy and such depth of feeling.

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