Featured Artist: Sabrina Mazzola

Synkroniciti is overjoyed to welcome back artist Sabrina Mazzola, with two stand-alone pieces: Repression and A door to the subconscious mind, as well as 5 pieces from a 7 piece series called I Had a Twin. The first two reference hidden clues in our dreams and day-to-day lives that lead us to heal inner trauma, while the series is a personal and inclusive exploration of the loss of a twin in the womb. Sabrina’s healing art is powerful and we are honored to share it.
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Sabrina Mazzola is a Croatian-Italian artist (Master of Arts, Academy of Applied Arts, Rijeka, Croatia) and certified art therapist living and working in France.
She has explored rhythm and movement through painting, first through figurative, then through abstract artwork. Gradually, she moved her vision from the outside world to the inside and began to observe the vibration and motion of her thoughts and emotions. She researches human behavior through her work, examining different states of inner self, layers of emotions and psychological aspects of human nature.
She paints mostly with acrylics and pastels but also uses collage techniques and sewing in order to represent psychological layers and connections as well as “repairing or healing an emotion.”
Check out Sabrina’s new website: http://sabrinamazzola.com/.

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