Featured Artist: Rachael Ikins

Synkroniciti is excited to welcome back writer Rachael Ikins (2:1), this time with two expressive contrapuntal poems, On Watching a Wasp Drink During Drought, which muses on the sanctity and fragility of life, and Dream Truth, in which the narrator awakens from a nightmare. In a contrapuntal poem, parts of the poem are placed beside one another with space between them and can be read separately as columns or read straight across columns as a single poem.
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Rachael Ikins is a 2016/18 Pushcart, 2013/19 CNY Book Award, 2018 Independent Book Award winner, & 2019 Vinnie Ream & Faulkner poetry finalist. She is author/illustrator of 9 books in multiple genres. She lives by a lake with her dogs, cats, saltwater fish, a garden that feeds her through winter and riotous houseplants with a room of their own. Dragons fly by.
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