Featured Artist: Peter Dakutis

Synkroniciti is excited to welcome playwright Peter Dakutis from Atlanta, Georgia. The sparkling comedy Transcodicil tells the story of Joe and Shawna, a transgender couple in the process of claiming inheritance from Joe’s Aunt Tammy over the objections of his estranged mother, a bigot who uses her religiosity to inflict pain on others. Peter provides a clever look at southern family dynamics and how things are changing, combining biting wit with deep humanity. Joe and Shawna are such wonderful characters; his ribald sense of humor and her sharp intelligence are extremely appealing.

Would you like to read Peter’s vivacious satire of gender and religion? purchase the issue or subscribe here. The online issue debuts November 30th.

Peter Dakutis (he/him) lives in the Atlanta metro area and gets busy with his muse through playwriting. In addition to numerous local productions, his work has appeared around the US and in England and Canada. His play “A Sign Is a Sign” will be published in Go Play Outside (Applause Books)in March 2022. Recently, his work has appeared in CAW Anthology and Lucky Jefferson. Most of his favorite movies, such as A Night at the Opera, come from the 1930s and 40s. He loves making cornbread from scratch, especially with blue cornmeal.

You can find Peter on Facebook and at the New Play Exchange: Peter Dakutis | New Play Exchange.

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