Featured Artist: Paweł Pacholec

Welcome artist Paweł Pacholec, whose intriguing digital photo collages, Labyrinth Stairs and Labyrinth Room, Nos. 1-3 are featured in our upcoming September 1st issue, along with an accompanying article, Visual Mathematics: The Creative Labyrinths of Paweł Pacholec! This series is a beautiful and mesmerizing combination of the traditional and the abstract ranging from the exuberant to the elegant.
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In his own words:
Paweł Pacholec was born in 1986 in Poland. In his work, he often refers to classical, traditional techniques and ways of expression. He creates his works in a balanced and thoughtful way based on visible structures and forms. For inspiration, he looks toward such trends as constructivism or industrialism and also to those from the other side of the spectrum, such as dadaism or expressionism. While creating, he tries to relate to geometry and mathematical proportions which he sometimes breaks with something completely oppositional like an irregular stain, line or an expressive gesture. He often puts photography into graphic activities (e.g. through collage or converting a photo into another graphic form).
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