Featured Artist: Norola Morgan

Welcome the first of our Featured Artists for our March 1st issue, Norola Morgan of MoonYoonits Studios! Norola combines found items and imaginative new creation to make striking art dolls. From the cuddly to the elegant, the whimsical to the ferocious, these figures have attitude and poise, and Willow, our featured feminine spirit, is no exception!
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Norola Morgan was a weird kid who loved to read and draw and ask too many questions. As soon as possible, she traded the dust, cows, and football of small town central Texas for the visible air of Houston. BFA in Painting from the University of Houston in hand, she stuck around for the vibrant arts scene, cultural diversity, authentic weirdness, and low cost of living.
Painting fell by the wayside once she discovered working with 3D materials. She assembles fabric, found objects and paper into unique art dolls that shock and delight. Her love of found objects and fabric combine with storytelling to empower her to explore gender, culture, body image, sexuality and spirituality in unexpected ways.
Check out Norola’s work on the MoonYoonits Studios Facebook Page and on Instagram.

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