Featured Artist: Neil Ellis Orts

Please welcome back writer and performer Neil Ellis Orts (1:1) from Synkroniciti’s hometown of Houston, TX. Neil’s play “Trying” was a highlight of our first issue and he’s also been a hand model for “Remember,” a photography piece Katherine McDaniel put together for “Uncharted” (2:2). This time we feature “Through the Thin Place,” a short story in the form of a fable. Her father has gone to prison and our young heroine is missing him terribly. To make things worse, everyone seems to assume that he won’t go to Heaven. She takes matters into her own hands, so to speak, in an attempt to write his name in the Book of Life that her grandfather talks about. This is an imaginative tale that shows the beauty of a child’s empathy and faith to transcend when adults fail. I trust you will find the girl a formidable and winning protagonist. Neil’s talent for writing relationships is moving and natural.

Come and read Neil’s marvelous folktale. You can purchase our “Transcend” issue, Vol. 3, No. 4, or subscribe here. The issue is now available online as of November 30th.

Neil Ellis Orts is a writer in Houston, TX. He thinks of “Through the Thin Place” as a sort of fairy tale and was, indeed, inspired by a sermon that mentioned thin places. It was first developed as a storytelling/performance piece during a Fieldwork session and Neil is glad the reading version has found a home in Synkroniciti. Visit him online at neilellisorts.com.

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