Featured Artist: Misha Penton

Synkroniciti is ecstatic about featuring Misha Penton’s “conspiracy of beauty,” a short film and micro opera written specifically for our new “hidden” issue, due out next Monday! Misha and I have been colleagues here in Houston (at Houston Grand Opera), both of us are students of the late and wonderful MaryBeth Davison Smith. Misha is no stranger to the contemporary performing arts scene and it was a dream to have one of her micro operas grace the digital pages of Synkroniciti. She is a magic-maker and this video, accompanied by a feature article, is an enchanting combination of word, breath, voice and gesture.
If you want to view this spectacular film made for Synkroniciti, you should subscribe or purchase the issue.
Misha Penton is a soprano, composer, director, filmmaker, and writer. Her work exists at the edges— part shadow, part light, darkly luminous, and ever-transforming. Her projects blossom in many forms: live performances, video and audio works, installations, and writings. Recent works include Threshold, a site-specific new opera created for the cavernous Silos at Sawyer Yards in Houston, Texas; Anecdote of the Spirit, a contemplative music work for the Rothko Chapel; The Medusa Project, an installation for Bath Spa University’s 35’ high MediaWall in the UK; an 11-part Micro Opera project; and directing a new web opera for Houston Grand Opera. Upcoming: a trio of music video fairy tales celebrating the magnificent transformative feminine including the recently released Visible Darkness.
Visit Misha’s website: mishapenton.com.

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