Featured Artist: Michel Pavlou

Synkroniciti is honored to welcome filmmaker Michel Pavlou, who spends his time in Brussels and Oslo and in between. Michel, along with poet Natasha Heidsieck Mak, won our video contest with “Inconsolable,” a meditation on death by one left behind. His swirling images: doors, crowds, hands, are rendered in a way that gives the impression of “looking through a glass darkly,” in the words of the Apostle Paul (I Corinthians 13:12, KJV Bible), recalling the promise that one day we will see more fully. “Inconsolable” is a masterpiece, a seamless marriage of words and images. Michel’s technical expertise and experience enhance a passionate and moving recitation by Natasha. From emotion to technique, this is high art in all aspects.

Come and see Michel and Natasha’s marvelous poem for eye and ear. You can purchase our “Transcend” issue, Vol. 3, No. 4, or subscribe here. The issue is now available online as of November 30th.

Michel Pavlou muses that to speak of myself, is to speak of another, because language is a path which keeps us one step away from whom we really are: close enough to recognise, yet far enough away to never quite touch. Born in northern Greece, I always found myself a step behind him in his wanderings; seeking out homelands in France, Belgium and Norway, my new exiles; engaging in his other voices, first through poetry and painting, then through art and film; finding my new silences. As I grow older, I see him getting younger; when I slow down, he speeds up, like in a child’s play. Time is the elastic band which binds us together.

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