Featured Artist: Lucia Huňady

Synkroniciti is excited to welcome back poet and artist Lucia Huňady with two poems and four portraits. “Calling for Humanity” is a Friday morning wake-up call to break the human cycle of exploitation and ignorance and do better, while “Biodiversity” chips away at male ignorance of the insight the female point of view brings to the survival of our species and the world. The colorful portraits are paired with the poems: “Reconciled” and “Big Acrylic Sister” with the first and “Self Portrait with Cat” and “Undecided” with the second. They reveal a great deal about the characters in the poems.
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Lucia Huňady, born in 1992, is a Slovak poet and visual artist, a sentimental and analytical woman. In poetry, she deals with personal themes, from self-reflection through the motive of a man and love to a look at contemporary man who finds himself in the shadows, systems, and rules of society. Her poetry has clear visual elements; she often uses contrasting terms which she combines with a wide range of emotions and metaphors.
Lucia studied sculpture and fine art, and has worked for a few years as an art restorer of historical monuments. She is interested also in philosophy, stars, smiles, and nature. Without art, she can not imagine her existence. She exhibits at home and abroad, publishes her poetry, and sometimes participates at literary festivals in Slovakia.
“I had my first contact with art as a little girl who boldly made garage installations and created clay aliens; the force and mystique of the moon taught me to be a poet.“

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